Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Two Men and A Truck

I was at the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK storefront Monday, where I also locked my keys in the car. While I was talking to AAA, the woman asked where I was...and what I was moving. She highly recommended TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, and she asked why I was there. She also LOVES antiques. I guess I can still have fun conversations, even if I do not have a store front.

The truck is arriving Wednesday AM to move as much as will fit in my booth, since my booth contract starts Friday. Now, imagine emptying breakfronts with all that "stuff", and trying to find a place for all that, while you are removing most of the pieces that can hold it, and you are having a sale to sell quite a bit of those goodies, which you want to be displayed somewhere other than the floor. 

Such is the confusing situation at Just A Second this week... and that is what is waking me up even earlier than my usual pretty early wake-up time. 

AAA came, and it's a bit disconcerting to witness how easy it is to break into a locked car with just a couple of simple gadgets. It is important to remember that It takes just one call in distress to pay for the membership - well worth it!

Before I left, I showed the office person, I was working with, Ann's artwork and suggested they might want to change their logo to the art Ann Nellie's Barn Sale provided, at which point I heard the story of the grandmother of the guys who started Two Men and a Truck, providing the logo for the business.  And another reminder...that friendly conversations are everywhere. 

Don't forget our sale, inside and out (weather permitting). It is Saturday, August 16, 9-4, at Just A Second, 1710 N. Main St., and starting this afternoon, you can also visit the East State Mall at our new location. See if you can find Just A Second.  It would also be nice if you "liked" my new location. Yes, right now we have two locations. Aren't you impressed!