Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Having fun Pickin' and Plannin' for the Shop

It's funny, because when you start out treasure hunting you never know what you will find or whether you will find anything at all.

Usually I concentrate on the current season - spring and gardening, which was good, because we found this set of 6 vintage Nasco gnomes, just sitting in the corner of a basement at an estate sale. The sale was in its third and last day, and it's hard to believe no one had snatched these up.

Then you spot something you are not even thinking about, like Christmas, or Christmas in July.  If you come across something Christmas and it is marvelous, you've got to strike, and strike we did with these fantastic vintage ornaments, a whole box of them.  

The dilemma is - do I keep them? 
I really want to do our tree in all vintage ornaments, or do I put them in the store because they will look so wonderful in a display? Fortunately, we have a few months to decide.

At the same time we came across this, what I think is, a 50's lighted church.  When I was researching it, one person called it a night light, which I suppose it could be, but most would associate it with a Christmas display. Whatever it is, we had to have it, and it works. Its windows (celluloid?) were coming loose because the tape used to hold them in place was yellow and stiff with age.  It was  pretty easy to fix with a few new pieces of tape.

We also gathered quite a few items which many would call "junk", but for us, they are the treasures of our trade.  You'll get to see those next time.  In the meantime, Happy Junkin'. (See more items  at my etsy shop, justasecondonmain. And there are lots more goodies at Just A Second on N. Main in Rockford.  I'd say in my brick and mortar store, but it's wood and siding.

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