Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Vintage Market's Polly and her touches in our home

I've known Polly for quite a few years, since shortly after 2000, when I began selling goodies in booths at various locations.  

And through the years, especially when we were both at LaDida on North Main Street, I have been attracted to and purchased several of her items.  

And so, since we just finished another very successful Vintage Market, I've decided to share my "polly finds".

First, there was this mirror.  It was in Polly's green phase, a very soft, almost an aqua color. And there it remains - above the mantle.  I like it as much today as I did the day I bought it.

And there's the wine rack, and I may have gotten this from Polly's mom, Kay's booth.
Can't quite remember.  It's iron and has metal leaves and soft rose colored metal blossoms on it. It sits on a pine cupboard in the dining room.

Then we go upstairs to our bedroom, and one of her pillows sets off the other pillows on our bed.

It has a message on it, and I couldn't resist it. In case you can't read it, it says "I could winter or summer with you."  When I bought it, I thought it would mean we would winter or summer in exotic places.  As it turns out, we pretty much winter AND summer right here. And that's OK, too.

Then on to the guest room - where Polly's bark cloth and polished cotton pillow with the eyelet trim graces the iron bed with the antique quilt. 

In the close up, you can better see the various patterns and fabrics and how well it picks up all the colors.

And finally, we have the story of the cabinet shown below. Somehow, I was able to trade a copy of one of my husband's books, The First Forest, for the cabinet which, at the time, had no top and either no knobs or different knobs. I subsequently attached an old wooden soap box end to the top, added glass knobs, and there it sits in our bathroom holding washcloths, and soaps, and grandchildren's bath toys.

It is so much fun decorating with vintage and hand made goods.  So many memories come with them.

And, I think it is quite amazing that one very talented and generous young woman has played such an important role in accessorizing our home and enriching the lives of so many.


  1. Renie, You are such a darling, sweet lady! Thank you for your kind words. I didn't even remember some of those items (maybe it's because we have had so much inventory over the years that it's hard to keep track). It has been a long time that we've known each other, hasn't it?! Goodness, "the green phase" seems like it was so long ago. But it confirms that some part of me loves color, even in my current French-neural phase. Remember when it was a pink phase?? Apparently I'm fickle. =) You, however, have always been wonderful. I'm so spoiled to have had long time friends like you!! Blessings... Polly (p.s. I adore the gift you brought over!!! I think I'm going to hang it in my new attic bedroom)

  2. And thank you for your kind words. Yes, I do remember the pink phase, almost, but not quite pepto-bismo pink.

    Love all the neutrals, and am lightening up a bit, but I'm too far along to completely change. Just keep creating, so we can gobble it up.


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