Monday, October 17, 2016

Falling into a Fall Frame of Mind

Light weight coverlet, pastel shams and pillow on summer bed
Wool throw and flannel shams

More pictures than words today as we transition to the cooler days of Fall. Even though I just checked the weather and it will be 80ยบ today! John couldn't wait for me to change out the accents on our bed. He doesn't care for pastels and loves the stronger colors and pattern of the buffalo checks and wool plaid throw.  

It does make quite the difference. Haven't switched out the curtains yet, because I had to order some new ones to replace the full size heavier fabric ones I use for the darker, earlier, cooler, yes much colder, days of winter. And with eight windows in our "sleeping porch" kind of bedroom, covering up all that glass is necessary for privacy (when I go upstairs early, cover up, and read in bed) and for warmth. The curtains were in a different room in the house when we purchased it 35 years ago, and after 35+ years, they were splitting at the sides last year. Can you imagine that!?! I had no choice, so I ordered very similar, "weaver's cloth" from  Country Curtains.They are well made and simple. My rods don't look like this photo, just simple tension rods within the window frame.

Country Curtains "weaver cloth" plain and simple!

Ironstone tureen with silver and faux fall garland

I did the table with a simple cream and grey runner topped by a vintage ironstone soup tureen, silver candlesticks and collected-over-time napkin rings, starting with my grandmother's engraved one. Then the touch of color - pumpkin spreaders and a faux fall garland. 

grandmother Irene's silver napkin ring

Touch of faux fall leaves with rust and neutral pumpkins and "g's" plus a painting

On the front hall shelf, actually a wood enclosure of a front hall radiator, is a collection of "g"s, and another tureen, this one pewter, purchased on our 40th anniversary trip to Italy, a gift from our children (an advantage of having a large family, plus they all contribute to our social security!), and another bit of faux fall, all gathered under an unfinished painting of a farm building by Tom Heflin.

Nesting time sign
Finally a couple of simple hand done signs - fall and rustic- one painted on an old fence board and the other on a board from Amish country in Indiana.(available in my Etsy shop along with that wicker bed tray shown on the bed)

Rough hand down "lodge" sign
Hope you are enjoying the change of seasons as much as I am as I look forward to being done with yard work, (at least here in the north), and cooking up some of those "comfort" foods that warm the body as well as the spirit.

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