Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Morning Musings

I love the very early quiet mornings-sitting, thinking, praying, planning. As I was sitting this morning I went to look out the window and what do I see but my pop up tent. It has been sitting on our patio, blocking my view of the yard. (and that is another story).

But I could look at the window and the window sill and what lies beneath, and those things are what I am focusing on this morning - the people and moments which the objects bring to mind. 

I have been trying to redo my office in little ways and make it more personal. The "Mr & Mrs" were picked up on our return trip from Charleston a year ago last month after Faith and David's wedding. The reception was yet to be, and I always like to pick up a memory of our travels. What could be more appropriate after a wedding? So, here it sits, not only reminding me of Faith and David, but also celebrating daily our own marriage and the blessings that have accompanied that, including our children, grandchildren, purpose, struggles, victories-all that help us continue to grow and learn, and empathize with others.

And then there is the sill in its last days of Spring with bunnies and twigs and a few flower frogs. I often claim I am not a collector except for ironstone pitchers and some yellow ware bowls. I guess I need to add flower frogs. Then there is the bottle vase, one of the $1.00 exchange gifts from our Mending Club Christmas celebrations. There is also the sill which needs painting along with the 9 windows and the book cases and the rest of the woodwork. 

Finally down to the fruit crate below the sill.


Who would have thought that I would be back to using crates for tables at this stage in our lives. But, I love the crate. It is small. It has a tray top for goodies including coasters, another Mending Club gift made from ceramic tiles, and a little oval pottery dish hand painted with a bird on it, a gift from Faith when very young and shopping at neighbors' garage sales. (I wonder where she got that trait!). In it are rosaries, also gifts, from missions asking for help doing their work in foreign countries. Below are large cones of cotton yarn for knitting dish rags. I intend to make several dish rags while I am watching TV as gifts for the kids. They absolutely love the dish rags my mother made and gave to them. My intention is to continue the tradition, but I am not my mother, and they are fortunate to get one or two.

There is also a quilt which needs some repair, another TV watching project, so I can feel productive and not like I am wasting time. Speaking of which, enough morning musings and on with the day. Carpe Diem!