Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Just A Second Sunday Social - November 2013

We just came off a very successful Holiday Open House, and we will give you a glimpse of what is in the shop right now.

A black and white tree is adorned with celophane bagged, excellent condition vintage ornaments. There are not as many as there were when our event opened, but still a lovely collection from Tina.

Above, a prancing glitzy deer is accented with hand crafted tea light lamps dressed up in red gauzy rosette ties.

Multicolor painted tables are accessorized with oil funnel trees, vintage mason jars, striped burlap ribbon, boxed vintage tree topper star and ornaments, and a cardboard Santa train engine.

Yes, we let Santa dance among our silver and crystal, but we also acknowledge the reason for the season with the lit 50's highly collectible, hard plastic church surrounded by gold and white made-in-Mexico plaster manger figurines.

Our displays feature primitive, traditional, whimsical, and industrial items as shown.


It's a lot of work getting a shop ready for an event, but ever so worthwhile when our customers enjoy and appreciate our efforts. 

I will conclude with a quote from one customer among many who comes in for a mini-break from the cares in their lives.

 "Can't wait to come! Thank you for your hard work. Your shop is filled with love and friendship and happy spirits."