Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Never Bored

Let's see. It started Monday and Tuesday of last week.  I painted this cabinet and hutch top and, of course, had to move it from the back, storage, work room so we could use it to serve libations at the Churchill's Grove meeting on Wednesday.  (It is SOLD!) Had a  really good crowd at the meeting, and I did take quite a few photos.  Unfortunately, only one photo showed up when I went to import them to my computer. 

I could not believe all the treats which arrived with the neighbors for the meeting. Churchill's Grove neighbors are certainly a most generous and gracious crew. Thank you all. 


Then Thursday, it was finish a few painting projects, pack up, and set up for the fabulous, fun Vintage Market. I was not able to stay for all of Friday nor be there for any of Saturday, but fortunately, after John put up the tent and unloaded, Dee was able to help me set up and be there after I left on Friday plus all day Saturday. The market went so well...a huge crowd, wonderful neighbor vendors, and great sales. The shop is looking quite spacious, since I haven't had a chance to get out and fill the holes. That's the challenge for today. 

And why couldn't I be there? Because there was a wedding in Indiana, and our daughter from S.Carolina was a bridesmaid for one of her closest friends, so after leaving The Vintage Market and packing up, we headed to Midway airport to pick up Faith whose flight was delayed, as were we, with bridges out along our customary short cut route. We didn't get to Culver, IN until after 11, but look at the sight which greeted us the next morning. 


Then came a bit of shopping in the cute little Culver business district, because, of course Renie forgot a few things like a toothbrush and ear rings. And we got to hit a yard sale and pick up a couple of goodies. Then was the wedding.

And here we are with our lovely daughter, Faith, and the gorgeous bride, Caitlin.  It was a beautiful nautical theme wedding (notice the sails on the ceiling) and so nice reconnecting with Faith's friends from college and their parents, and visiting with Rockford people we don't get to see that often.

Sunday, it was up, and pack, and hit the road by 8, since Faith had a noon flight out of O'hare. Then back to Rockford to pack up the Vintage Market tent and remaining goodies, and a big thank you to Kay and Polly for letting our tent be set up until we returned. And of course Mass at 5 PM, the Bears at 7 (couldn't stay up).

Was feeling a bit exhausted yesterday, Monday, but impulsive Renie started on the kitchen floor which has been driving me crazy for months. Another coat of varnish this AM, and we will be set to move things back in tonight.

And how was your weekend? 

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