Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The New Treat Station

Don't you wonder why sometimes it takes so long for something to become self-evident?  

I have a very small counter in this shop which used to be someone's house, and that is where I was always brewing the coffee, heating the water for tea and putting out the sugar, cream, etc.

Then this past Sunday when we had our 2nd Sunday Social, I set up the treat station on the enamel table in the kitchen area. much better. I could serve without turning my back on everyone. The counter is almost clear, and I can still display a few items.

So, when you visit, you can help yourself to coffee, tea, hot chocolate or water plus that little chocolate treat we so often crave.


Plan on joining us for the next Just A Second Sunday Social on April 13.  If we get a warm day, we'll move the party to the deck, and wouldn't that be nice!


  1. Hello! I am interested in those little pink tables...what is the price for both?

  2. Hi Anne Marie
    They are $35. each or both for $65.


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