Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Slowly recovering from all the activities of the past few days. What a wonderful weekend!

Started months ago planning our 50th high school reunion, with the grand finale on Saturday night at Forest Hills Country Club where we also had our senior prom.  

Sue and I go back to first grade (61 years ago!) at St. Peter School,  which was toured and appreciated Friday afternoon.  Since the rain and cold precluded us all meeting at the City Market, we gathered at our home where we reconnected in a smaller group, and relaxed with pizza and wine and beer and simply enjoyed each others' company. 


Most of the above pictured were St. Peter classmates with a couple of very much welcomed others joining us.  As Julie said, the reunion was more like a very large family reunion, so deep are our connectionsl

Of course, had to get the house prepared for Fall, since all my efforts at change of season are first centered on the shop.

The dining room table with very subdued tones, pewter, silver, neutral candles and berried garland on linen runner.

And the mantle with a scuffed white pumpkin and fall leaves.  

Love white pumpkins, both at home and at the shop.  The one below with burlap is real and purchased at our local farmers' market.  It is wonderfully flat on one end and sits perfectly on a tall candle stand.
Anyone have any idea how long it will last inside? Comment below if you do.

And speaking of the shop, this weekend while I was enjoying all the reunion activities, Tina brought in these really cute acorn treats shown.

  Here's the recipe ... 1 bag mini chips, bag of kisses, bag of Nutter Butter bite size. Melt half the chips and use the melted chocolate to attach the kisses onto the Nutter Butter cookies. Then use the melted chocolate to attach a mini chip to the top. Then eat and ENJOY. So good and so cute too.

And, finally, picked these blooms from the blue hydrangea bush which, although planted 15 years ago, finally bloomed for the first time this past summer.  They set their buds in the fall and most mid west winters kill them (the buds).  Because of the mild winter, the blooms were abundant, and the fall transition is beautiful.  Now, did I mix it up enough today?

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