Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting ready for the 4th

Should be washing the kitchen floor and cleaning the bathrooms today, but being the undisciplined person that I am, I'm doing, actually did, a fun project.  Have had this piece of rustic fencing for years, always intending to do a flag with it.  Finally, just in time for the 4th and accessorized with antique razor ribbon (similar to barbed wire) shaped into a big star, it'll be available for sale. (Hope you can see the star in
 the photo). 

Before husband John braced it, it swayed.  And it didn't look like a flag waving, but rather just a slanted flag.  Now it is firmly in place and painted and ready to set out on a porch or patio or even inside in a great room or entry if that is your style.

Also for those who like things a bit more neat and tidy, we have a cute grapevine star with a mini liberty bell and patriotic ribbon.  It is seen here on our back door, but soon will be at the shop.

I really try to use what I have and put it together in a new way so it conveys the feel of the holiday.  Can be as simple as a flag in a blue pot or planting red, white, and blue flowers such as red geraniums, blue lobelia, and white petunias in a galvanized tote.
The important thing is that it reflects your personality while decorating for the occasion.