Saturday, March 17, 2012

Love what I do....can't stop

It's a phone pic so not very clear, but this is Annie's (oldest daughter) Spring mantel (tentative) pending her approval, of course.  Did I tell you she's tough.

Got here to babysit her four handsome young men, and couldn't help noticing the mantel.
There were still remnants of Christmas...and Valentine's Day.  

Time for a space lift I asked her 5 year old if he thought his mom would mind if I redid her mantel.  Very seriously, he explained that his mom wanted it ready for Christmas next year.

I, of course, had to transmit the conversation to Annie, to which she responded, "lol, actually that's one of your assignments."

So, now I'll be waiting for her reaction. She likes clean lines and primary colors.  We'll see.