Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's cold outside, but Spring at Just A Second

They seem to be saying, "Aren't we cute!", and indeed they are.

They are cheery and bright and smell so good. Tuck them anywhere - Easter baskets, vases, bowls, whatever...makes everything a bit happier.

Here they are in context at the shop, 
greeting you as you arrive.

Vintage Japan Irish Coffee Set in perfect condition
Sorry Birdhouse is SOLD

and love these pins - fabric yoyo quilt pieces buttoned up cute as can be and made into pins for your lapel, hat, purse, whatever.

We scrounge and search and discern and create, so you don't have to, helping you decorate your home or find the perfect gift.  We are so green, helping to respect the earth and your budget with previously appreciated niceties and hand crafted items by Tina Rippy. Don't forget, treats await you every Saturday, and we love company.  

Wonderful green dresser (speaking of green)
decked out in Spring finery.