Thursday, July 7, 2011

Coasters and Husband and Colors

So...came upon these coasters on one of my "goodie hunts" and loved the colors. I'd seen these many times in silverplate, but never in the aluminum that matches the tones of 50's aluminum glasses. So now the challenge do I design a store display based on a little item such as these coasters. Mentioned it to husband John, and he responded, "yuck, I hate pastels." And as much as I want to just to put his reaction out of my mind, I know that very often he is right. (Know how difficult it is to get those words out of my mouth!) And so I go to bed thinking about what I can do to jazz up that display. The answer came to me — punch it up with black accents such as my black and chrome mid-century table. And I'll intersperse John's "Blockheads" cartoons, since it was his remark that forced me to rethink the display. I'll share a photo of the finished project and would love to see your comments — pro and con.

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