Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Haven't blogged for a while. Went out hunting for goodies today, and was a bit frustrated when I spent quite a bit of time and came up with three things to buy and then found out they didn't take debit or credit cards or checks, so I had to leave the stuff there. I have to remember to always take cash. i am trying to clear space to open Just a Second in the building our little publishing company is in, but have a lot to do — so much to clear out and move and get rid of. It will be a while, but I keep getting more ideas, so it'll all come together when it is supposed to. In the mean time I need to increase and store inventory. I hate the idea of getting everything displayed and then selling a big part of it and having to redo something that looked the way I want it to. So, remind me, that's what the business is for - to sell things.
I'll get over it. It will be a good problem to have. The above photo was from a display I did at La Di da, an antique and gift store where I had a booth. I love doing displays.

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